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For those who plan to click the Abracadabra button below it is to realize a new browser window will pop open to full screen size and you will be transported to a magical place where there is movement and sound that is for the assistance of the being you truly are to immediately and from now on to be more and more free from all forms of negativity or distortion and to have your own full power back. There is a need for the free and popular SHOCKWAVE player to be installed on your computer which is easy enough it is from Adobe Systems just click here to get it or make sure you already have it.

The new Empowerment Script site is completely ready. Please get your Empowerment Script there before proceeding further with this page. After all what is the purpose of all that we do is for your life to transform into the most amazing it can be, and the Empowerment Script is your first step. This page will stay open in the background for you. Or just bookmark it for later.


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The Legendary Elprehzleinn Family story is an un-hypnotic journey. Whereas most stories be they supposedly real, or "just fantasy or fiction" all have one main effect. They entrance and hypnotize you. This story is designed to free you from all forms of hypnotization that are unwanted, to allow you to enjoy only those trances and spells you want to play with and to bring you the power that was truly yours from the beginning of your time in the illusion and was always yours before that. The power of who you truly are.

If you want a high quality subliminal audio that includes programming to stop unwanted programming and expand the programming you do want then there is such an audio available for free in our subliminal audio library catalog near the top. The audio is entitled "001".


I begin to tell the Elprehzleinn story and introduce it to you formally in the audios just below which you can listen to now online or download and listen later.


Clicking the Abracadabra button above takes you to a place of feeling with sound and image and movement that is one of the places I plan to develop and unfold the most wonderful and un-enchanting story I ever heard which was told to me over a period of about ten years by verbal transmission and which began to take place long before I ever heard those words.


I invite you to click the Abracadabra button above knowing that Abracadabra is a magic word that vaccuums away all kinds of negativity in all forms leaving you cleaner than before, and more free to be what you truly are.


There beyond ABRACADABRA you would now discover a form of "electronic book cover" that you can enjoy like you might have once enjoyed staring at the album covers of your favorite music or the covers of your favorite books. However be aware that this cover comes alive and changes and brings you more alive and thus has a very magical power indeed and with Love Itself present as always.


Click here to see and hear a video clip on YouTube that goes with what you see and hear when you click the abracadabra button. Enjoy! The first parts of the story are presented through spoken word in the audios below. Subsequent chapters will be delivered and presented through the blog which you can subscribe to receive notifications when there is a new post, below.


Before or after your visit there beyond ABRACADABRA and the video clip on YouTube, I begin to tell my version of the legendary story here in these very audios as it was once told to me - by a form of voice transmission...in the traditional way that stories are told...

Part 1 - Introduction (21 minutes)

MP3 File


Chapter 1: Body Awareness (38 minutes)

MP3 File

Chapter 2: "Your Body is Making a Movie Right Now"

Chapter 3: "Sex and Advertising"

Chapter 4: "Channeling"

Chapter 5: "Yoga"

Chapter 6: "Electronics, Energy, and the Forever Light"

Chapter 7: "ClearTalk is for Lovers"

Chapter 8: "Diction"

There are three final up-coming chapters yet to be recorded to complete this version of our story so far.

Chapter 9: "The Future"

Chapter 10: "Spiritual Sexuality"

Chapter 11: "Going By The Book"

Special Feature: The first website we ever published was one page and that page has remained for 15 years since the beginning of when the internet became used by the mass public that page has remained online. We later expanded it into an outrageous and fun and I think extremely powerfully freeing product we entitled: "The Reality of Life De-Program".



I often thought about writing the Elprehzleinn story in a form of book but realized that while it may one day be so it seems to me that the way I am doing it now... presenting the story in pictures, sound, voice, and movement as the very lives of myself and others who are involved including perhaps you are moving and evolving it is more in tune with life itself and so the multimedia medium is I think and feel more suitable for presenting this wonder filled story as it is about improving our lives as we connect with it, this legend of the land of forever and the personal empowering connection of all that to here in the illusion where we seem to be.


With Peace, and Love Itself,

Your life can be incredibly functional and miraculous starting from now on, just the way you want it to be, more and more,

I am that I am,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
What is fun? Loving. And what is success? Successfully loving. That is the reason I exist.


p.s. At the beginning of the introductory audio above I explain about the original self-help program and the home study course that was designed to help beings to live fully the life that they feel they most desire, imagine and expect, if they were free of all limitations. This program is available for you right here on this page below in its most advanced and yet simplified and easy to access and use form ever as a home study instant download format.

Many people worldwide have enjoyed great benefits that continue to grow from using these programs and the simple yet highly advanced and most elegant and very practical tools for using your mind power with Love Itself to live the experience of consciously creating your own reality just the way you want it, and to as quickly as possible get to being able to live that way.









Magically Transform The Life You Have Now Into The Life You Imagine is Better. If You Can Imagine It You Can Have it, Using The Power of Your Mind with Love Itself and your Higher Self and Most Brilliant Future Self and Your Soul and Spirit To Fullfill the Desires and Needs of The Great Being that You Are In Your Current Lifetime with Fun, Pleasure, Joy, Ease, and Purely Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned. So Let It Be.

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with Love Itself and other
unseen beings of beautiful intention so that
any being can have help materializing anything they want, just because they want it, with fun, ease, grace, peace, a most brilliant future, abundance and prosperity, well being.
So let it be, magically, with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned.


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How to focus and concentrate your mind with the partnership of Love Itself, and your Higher Self, your Soul and Spirit, and your most brilliant future self and any other unseen friends of dignity and benevolence you may have in such a way that you can handle all your problems, no matter what they are, and transform them at the thought level with love into what you imagine, desire, and expect is better at the thought level with love.






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